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Our Vision

The developers of Silver Creek Commons had a vision of creating an up-scale business complex that is designed for small business operators.  An important element to the development of this complex was to cooperate with nature and today’s advanced building components in order to keep building operating costs to a minimum.  We have harnessed the power of geothermal technology to heat and cool individual business units.  Geothermal technology drastically reduces the owner’s monthly utility expense by as much as 65-70%.  In order for all of this to work, the developers utilized advanced storefront systems.  The glazing systems use argon gas-filled insulated glass coupled with low emissivity coatings.  Each unit comes equipped with a 12’x14’ fully insulated electrically operated garage door.  Building insulation of all units is R13 on the sidewalls and R19 in the ceiling.

Unit Sizes and Usage

The street-side units measure 1,800 square feet and dimensionally measure 30’ wide and 60’ deep.  These units are fully front glazed and ready for your interior customization.  2 models await your viewing to either purchase or get your creative juices flowing towards your personalization of the awaiting units.  With ceiling heights ranging from 19’ in the front and 16’ in the rear, you can actually have a 2nd floor for anything you may have in mind.  A 12’x14” fully insulated electrically operating garage door is standard and will allow you to operate the business and store valuables as well.  Entrance doors are standard for both the front and rear of these units.

The backlot units measure 1,500 square feet and measure 30” wide by 50’ deep.  An insulated entrance door as well as a 12”x14” insulated electrically operated overhead door are standard items.  Ceiling heights measure 18” at the front and taper to 14.5” in the rear, which will allow much versatility.

4 of the backlot units have been sold to owners who were looking for a place to house their personal vehicles such as cars and recreational vehicles all the while also operating business offices as well.  Some of the prospective owners have small route-based businesses that are in need of a facility to stage and store supplies.  There are restrictive covenants that prohibit certain business types so that all owners can be assured that the quality of the premises will not be compromised.

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